Rock n Force – Review

If experience is not everything, that of Marcus Malone, Muddy Manninen and Pete Feenstra added to an exceptional feeling and an elegant and effective songwriting sparks on this first eponymous opus, where we discover a virtuoso BLACK PEARL , dynamic and with a constant groove. Drawing inspiration from both sides of the Atlantic, the band’s Blues Rock has something timeless about it.

(Redline Music/Cádiz)

BLACK PEARL is the result of a beautiful meeting between three men in love with Blues Rock and with already very substantial professional careers. Thus, Marcus Malone, Muddy Manninen and Pete Feenstra joined their talent to produce the eleven tracks that make up this very good first eponymous album, which they wrote and produced together. If unity is strength, “ Black Pearl ” is a very good example.

As for the personal career of the members of BLACK PEARL, Marcus Malone is an American guitarist and singer based in London. Author of seven solo albums, he played with big names before being recruited by Motown. Muddy Manninen is none other than the founder, guitarist and arranger of Wishbone Ash, with whom he remained for 13 years and four albums.

And the last, and not the least, main actor of BLACK PEARL is the songwriter Pete Feenstra who signs all the texts of “ Black Pearl “. Between the three of them, the fusion is total and the result is songs full of feeling, with sparkling guitars and varied and captivating vocals (“ Angel Town ”, “ Delivery Man ”, “ Mexican Romance ”, “ Handmade Pearl ”). The trio strikes very hard from the start.


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