Guitar Door – Review

The price on love

If you were thinking of putting a price on love, then put $12.99 on this album, because that’s what the “Price on Love” is, if your love is for contemporary rock blues, a great guitar duo with a roots rock chart-topping songwriter and promoter.

The self-titled album from Black Pearl began as a songwriting project and soon developed into a full contemporary rock blues album. All the old-school funky grooves meet Americana, Latino, and Roots Rock, as on the track Mexican Romance.

Along with 10 other songs from Marcus MaloneMuddy Manninen with lyrics from Pete Feenstra, the album combines elements of sweet soulful guitar playing, the unique voice of Marcus Malone – who we featured in the ‘Sunshine for the Soul’ article – along with guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Muddy Manninen who moved on from Wishbone ash to create such modern blues and rock masterpieces like his ‘River Flows’ album.

Instead of writing about each individual song, this video should help you make up your own mind about the rest of the tunes on this 11 Track contemporary rock blues album.

Listen especially to track 6 ‘Mexican Romance’ in the next section.

I have also included the Black Pearl Get Ready to Rock Radio show interview below to listen to and learn more about this contemporary blues-rock arrangement.

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